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Purpletop Vervain

I can not remember exactly when I started growing Verbena bonariensis but I have always missed it when I was without. I had little luck starting them indoors from seed but I suspect the seeds could be scattered about any time of the year with success. My favorite method of introducing them is to find a plant in a pot and set it out, by next year there will be a nice stand. I have been able to transplant the seedlings in spring to other spots.

Once these are established they come back reliably in my zone 6 garden but are never a nuisance.

Verbena bonariensis

Here is Allan Armitage's opinion.

Conifer Upending

I once heard gardening described as 9 months of hard work and 3 months of disappointment. It can indeed have it's setbacks, but I get plenty of enjoyment out of my plot of land.

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