Pinetree Garden Seeds 2016 Order

I have been ordering from Pinetree Garden Seeds since the early 1980s. They continue to offer what I am looking for at a good price.


This may be the only photo I have of Nicotiana 'Sensation Mix', and I think I was aiming for the daylilly at the time. This variety blooms in the colors shown plus some pinker shades, and is fragrant day and night. The plants come easily from seeds, are not picky about their conditions and self sow pleasantly. I always dreamed of selecting for the darker pink or red flowers. It has been 30 years since I started growing these and I still have not seen the individual colors offered in the market. This may be a nice bucket list item for me.

Cactus Mix

Nasturtium - Black Velvet

Nicotiana - Sensation Mix

Bright Lights Chard (50 days)

Lemon Cucumber (65 days heirloom)

Golden Sweet Snow Pea (Heirloom, 67 days)

Cherry Belle Radish (Heirloom, 21 days)

Gardeners Delight tomato (67 days)

State Half Runner Bean (heirloom)

Calabrese Broccoli (55 days heirloom)

Mammoth Melting Sugar Snow Pea (Heirloom, 65-75 days)

Ronde De Nice Summer Squash (Heirloom, 50 days)

German Giant Radish (Heirloom, 37 days)

Red Giant Mustard (30 Days)